It’s Always Her Fault, Never His

It's always her fault, never his. Ah, a topic that has been covered again and again. A topic that has been hailed as one of cornerstones of feminism, and yet when it happens to you, things seem much bleaker and it does look like it's her fault and not his. She was a hot mess.... Continue Reading →


Mon Juju

Out of all of the men that I was with since 2016, I reckon that you deserve the most prose. Not only did I meet you under the music, enveloped by the beats. You also danced with me, and we kissed, albeit impulsively and not necessarily the most romantic, it was still way above the... Continue Reading →


I haven't taken the time to write something about you and so today, I shall let the world know how you made me feel. When I got in to an accident, you were the first person I contacted. "I got in to a car accident." I messaged you. You were miles away from me. I... Continue Reading →

The Question

Last week, I have decided to fly to your space. 540 dollars worth of anticipation and all I could think of is how sweet it would be to hold you inside my arms. It's 2 years now, since the first time we went out on that date in that world-renowned¬†Taiwanese restaurant in the middle of... Continue Reading →


It's been too long since I've written anything down. And I personally have no excuse whatsoever as to why I can't seem to find the space inside my life to converse about these thoughts and bad anxieties that I had to swim through these past few months. Maybe it was the sun, or the wearing... Continue Reading →

Medication and Metaphors

I think I have forgotten what it's like to REALLY write. I've been saying the same phrase over and over again for the past month "I swear that I shall write something today" but I can't seem to put in to words the feelings and the colours in my head. I feel like there's a... Continue Reading →


This world seemed a little too wrong for us. Words that came out of your mouth didn't sound appropriate to my ears and so did the words that I said to you. The phrases made things so difficult-- so impossible to comprehend that we decided that maybe it would be best to leave each other... Continue Reading →

Meant To Be

Night after night after night after night, I still recall every bit of your detail inside my mind like poetry, I am tasked to recite everyday. I recall your smell, the way you talked, the way you laughed, the way I would stare at your skin-- memorising every bit of blemish and pore. I would... Continue Reading →

Friday Night

And I came home from my last class for that day. I did some grocery shopping too. It's been 4 months now since I moved here to Montreal. I have also been living alone for 4 months now and I have to say that it's probably the best decision I've ever made in my life.... Continue Reading →

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