I haven't taken the time to write something about you and so today, I shall let the world know how you made me feel. When I got in to an accident, you were the first person I contacted. "I got in to a car accident." I messaged you. You were miles away from me. I... Continue Reading →


The Question

Last week, I have decided to fly to your space. 540 dollars worth of anticipation and all I could think of is how sweet it would be to hold you inside my arms. It's 2 years now, since the first time we went out on that date in that world-renowned¬†Taiwanese restaurant in the middle of... Continue Reading →


It's been too long since I've written anything down. And I personally have no excuse whatsoever as to why I can't seem to find the space inside my life to converse about these thoughts and bad anxieties that I had to swim through these past few months. Maybe it was the sun, or the wearing... Continue Reading →

Medication and Metaphors

I think I have forgotten what it's like to REALLY write. I've been saying the same phrase over and over again for the past month "I swear that I shall write something today" but I can't seem to put in to words the feelings and the colours in my head. I feel like there's a... Continue Reading →


This world seemed a little too wrong for us. Words that came out of your mouth didn't sound appropriate to my ears and so did the words that I said to you. The phrases made things so difficult-- so impossible to comprehend that we decided that maybe it would be best to leave each other... Continue Reading →

Meant To Be

Night after night after night after night, I still recall every bit of your detail inside my mind like poetry, I am tasked to recite everyday. I recall your smell, the way you talked, the way you laughed, the way I would stare at your skin-- memorising every bit of blemish and pore. I would... Continue Reading →

Friday Night

And I came home from my last class for that day. I did some grocery shopping too. It's been 4 months now since I moved here to Montreal. I have also been living alone for 4 months now and I have to say that it's probably the best decision I've ever made in my life.... Continue Reading →

10 Letters

Here are 10 letters to 10 different people who made my 2017:   We've known each other for almost a year now and I have to say that I loved you on all of those days amidst your obvious disdain for my talkativeness. I love waking up next to you; and while we seem to... Continue Reading →

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