i need a doctor

When you bleed for you cannot fathom the abyss of emptiness your soul dives in to. It’s a pool of endless pits and doors that lead to more and more of those… it’s a vicious cycle that ends when it decides to.

“I cannot control it. It has devoured me.” I say repeatedly as I try to convince everybody around me that I’m irreparable.


I don’t have a choice it chose me.

My throat runs dry from all the pointless crying. Pointless for none of these outbursts were ever intended. Is it possible for me to arrive at a cure? I need a cure…

A cure for something intangible… for something that lives only inside the walls of my own mind.

My heart yearns for a friend, but none of them can ever understand what it’s like to have another bastard inside your head convincing you that you’re merely a vessel headed for destruction.


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