Crazy In Love

The sun’s rays illuminated her kitchen. She was slicing the apple mindlessly with the picture of her ex lover by her side.

She’s 18.

“Aled… Aled…” she whispered silently.

They broke up 6 months ago, and let’s just say that she’s not the “i need to move on ASAP” kind of girl.

She stared at Aled’s photograph endearingly.

“I miss you Aled…” tears started to fall from her eyes.

The house is extremely quiet, there’s no one in it but her…. Her thoughts filled the emptiness of the house and then and there she knew what she wanted to happen.

She took the mixed cd he gave her for valentines day and played it loudly.

Her voice drowned in the love songs he mixed for her.

“I love youuu” she kept on yelling.

Suddenly, she took the picture of Aled and placed it on the floor. She took hold of the knife and dragged it across her left palm. She positioned her bleeding hand on top of the picture and pressed her wound harder. Her blood dropped wildly on to Aled’s picture.

After her little ritual, she took some matches and burned his picture smothered with her blood in to a pile of ashes. She gathered the ashes placed it inside a plastic bag and buried it under the sycamore tree.

“You will never love anybody else. You’ll always come back to me, You’re my crazy little lover… You’ll be forever mine Aled. ‘Till death do us part.” she chanted.

After her spell casting, she hurriedly went back inside her house to attend to her wound.

It didn’t take 10 minutes for her to receive a call from Aled wishing for her to come back. This pleased her very much. Her little sacrifice for love paid of… she thought.

“Ellie! I love you so much! I’m crazy about you!” Aled’s voice broke the silence.

Tears started to erupt from her eyes. “His straitjacket is tighter today, he has been trying to cut his palm open…. sacrifice of love… as he would call it.” the doctor said.

She watched him from the other side of the viewing room. Her straitjacket seemed tighter that day too.


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