Time– we value time so much we fuck things up.

Yes, I am so sorry for the obscene language but to be honest, we are living in a society wherein we value time so much (too much).

Why don’t we imagine things right now; Let’s imagine a “timeless society” wherein time is a nonexistent matter that nobody has ever heard of.

Wisdom will not be measured through one’s age but through one’s experiences. You get to live a life that is very much dependent on your own body rhythm.

“I’ll eat when I’m hungry. I’ll sleep when I’m sleepy. I’ll go back home when I feel like going home.”

Relationships will not be measured through their duration.

Let’s face it, duration is everybody’s business ; the length of your relationship with a person is a very vital question.

“How long were guys together?”

The answer here would unleash varied reactions from the people you’re sharing your love story with.


It’s not supposed to be that way.

If your relationship lasted for 3 months, then it wouldn’t get that much attention because people would consider it “just a fling” or “nothing serious”; but what if, in that span of 3 months, you were really in love?

Okay fine, it’s great and mighty to spend 3 years with one person, but the weight of your love for one another may be less compared to another relationship which may have only lasted for 3 months.

It’s “love” that matters, not the “length” , but sadly, we have forgotten that. It’s all about the “YEARS”.

Let’s move to another topic, let’s say education for example. Our education system is so planned out we have no time to make mistakes.

At age 4 you must enter nursery and by the time you’re 15 you must enter High School, at age 22, you must graduate and then look for a job like everybody else in this entire planet.

I’m 18, and what if I’m not yet ready to take on the responsibilities of living the University Life? Yup, I’ll probably be a bum for the rest of my life.

We cannot afford to make mistakes because “our clock is ticking”… we have no time to lose.

No time to lose? What is time anyway?

Isn’t it a construct?

Why do people need to start marrying at the age of 28?

Why is it very surprising to fall in love with a person who is way too old for you (way too young for you)?

Why is writing and reading and arts considered past times? Something to fill the gaps of our “already planned lives”?

No wonder people feel awfully depress and hopeless… because they’re growing old and time is running out and they’re still stuck… and no one can help them because everyone’s afraid of “RUNNING OUT OF TIME”, when time is nothing but an excuse to prove someone’s worth?

The way I see it, it’s more like, the less “time” you have, the greater of a person you are.

We have all accepted that time is rudimentary for our survival…

We give up on our childhood dreams because the more we age the slimmer the chances are for us and it’s just sad to live by a principle that has done nothing but to limit us from all the beautiful and extraordinary capabilities and untapped potentials we have yet to offer.

Time is good, time gives us order, but it doesn’t necessarily have to control us for us to live our lives to the fullest. Time is something that we must consider as a supplement; an add-on; something that will keep us stay on track and nothing more.

We are not machines ruled by numbers that would signal us to do things. We are humans, made up of dreams, intellect, feelings… we are capable to think for ourselves. Let us all be humans.

Let’s value things that are worth valuing, like emotions and affection, attraction, beauty…

The worth of something does not come from time, it comes from the authenticity and the purity of it.

We’re not running out of time, we’re running out of great experiences immeasurable by numbers and duration.

Let’s just live, and be merry, we need not count the days that we still have for as long as you’re glad then you’re using your time wisely.


sorry for the random argumentative post… i just felt the need to do so.


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