The Letter She Wrote

She unfolded the paper she was holding and started reading.

“I feel so alone. Nobody cares about me and I feel like my friends are slowly slipping through my fingers. I feel like a bomb ready to explode anytime and everybody will just freak out and leave me when that happens. Earlier this day, my friends ate lunch without me and I feel so miserable on my own reviewing for the upcoming exams. Nobody even cared if I was hungry or what. I have too much on my plate and I’m working on it alone. Our adviser even asked me as to why I’m not asking for help but we all know it’s not that easy. Nobody will listen to me. Nobody loves me. My parents despise me so much. I feel like an embarrassment. The boy I used to love moved on without me and he didn’t even fight for what we had. I want to die because I’m all alone and nobody will miss me when I’m gone. Nobody. It’s because I don’t matter. Nobody listens to me… Nobody.” her voice was shaky.

she folded the paper and continued weeping.

“Yup, you’re so alone right?” Danica her best friend said as she held on to her hand.


The Letter She Wrote (WHY DEPRESSION FUCKS YOU UP) *full title*


Please do know that you’re not alone… and that it’s okay to ask for someone’s help.


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