A Letter For One Needy Soul’s Omphalos

With every attempt, I feel pushed away

Erasing all the reasons as to why I should stay

Don’t ever tell me that I gave up on you

For up until this very day, I want you, I do

I’ve been slayed for so many times

It’s hard not to fight for what’s supposed to be mine

You should have known when you had me by your side

I tore my walls for you and my own oath I defied

I can’t find the right words to say

When all is ambiguous even in the incandescent light of day

When I fell for you, I gave you my all

You should have known, I’d come back with just one call

But maybe this is all that we are and nothing more

An alleviation, an escape to our pasts’s horrors

A silver lining to our destinies coated with gold

A youthful romantic encounter for us to reminisce on when we’re old


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