Falling In Love With Your Silhouette

When I first held you, I knew that I would fall for you. There’s this certain chemistry between the 2 of us and I have never met somebody who perfectly embodied the ideal characteristics of my perfect man.

We talked and we laughed. We would often go on school events and converse with all that there is to converse about. We would often play around and laugh at our inside jokes. We were happy together, but it still isn’t enough to keep us going.

Despite the fact that we share a lot of common things together, we’re simply not fit for each other. We are both careful with the words we utter because of the fear that we may come of cocky and aggressive. We edit our paragraphs to play it safe so that we wouldn’t have to undergo the ever so difficult process of elucidating what we really wish to say.

I liked you a lot and if things didn’t go the way the things did unfold, then it is highly possible that we would still be together over thinking and constantly proof reading each other’s ambiguous ways.

You are wonderful but I cannot fathom the thought of having to act on what is acceptable–safe. Love is not meant to be safe. Love is crazy, love is madness, and that’s why everyone clamors for it. I can’t personally live within the borders of what is “supposed to be”. I cannot afford to lose you out of apathy. If you love me then it would be perfectly accepted to have those massive arguments about me constantly basing my actions solely on the gush of my emotional impulse.

I know that we’re no longer together and for months, I have done my best to rectify the damages of our suppressed emotions. I have weighed both sides and have arrived to the conclusion that our demise is possibly the best thing that happened between the 2 of us.

You have placed dungeons inside your mind and I should have known from the very beginning that you will never give me the chance to unleash and slay the beast from the corners of your soul. I am quite positive that I may not be the girl for you for you won’t let me be that girl.

I can’t do this anymore to myself.

The art of compromise between 2 lovers is the evidence, but if it only occurs on one side and is not reciprocated by the other that’s foolishness (or maybe strength… we’ll never know until it reaches the bottom line).

For the 2 of us, I know that we tried, but we’ll never work for we’re trying to resolve 2 different problems. When you left, I continued fighting, I tried to hold you but now, I am thankful that you gave me freedom.

I can no longer live under the shadows of who you were and of what we had for they’re no longer there. You are no longer there.

I can no longer run around the same fences I built for myself under your command for you have no power over me anymore.

I loved you once… but once is enough for the 2 of us.


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