A Letter To That Happy Victoria

I sincerely apologize for transforming you in to a fictional character but this would have to do.

A child so vibrant and full of joy, oh how could you do this to your self? Trust me, in a matter of months, you would be facing a whole lot of turmoil brought about by those people around you. Their vicious mouths shall persecute you terribly and you will start to light a cigarette and suck the smoke away to forget all that you are facing.

I am writing this in advance, for I want to protect you from all of their malicious ways, but darling, my efforts wouldn’t be enough to save your ship from sinking terribly. You will cast me away and point your finger at me for being the mastermind of all of those rumors that would devastate you greatly.

Here’s my piece, I will never want to hurt you in any form whatsoever. That you have to trust me with. I cannot afford to lose a little sister, but trust me, you’ll detach your self from me and it will be the talk of the town.

I am writing this for it is all that I can do for the damage has been done, we’re too far apart now. You have grown to despise me and nothing can alter what has transpired between the two of us.

To be honest, I feel gravely disappointed my dear, I wish I had the power to protect you from all the damage that has been laid upon your path and engraved upon your stars, but I can only do so much.

It pains me as well, that I am writing this under a different time, a little too late, for now, we’re both scarred by the cacophonous riot that took place months ago, I am sorry, I wasn’t brave enough..

I have no idea whether you’re satisfied with what you’ve become, but I wish you greatness and I know that you’ll go far,..

I will never cease to pray for the betterment of your life and of all of your endeavors, I wish you, my dear Victoria, all the happiness in the world, be glad.

yours truly,



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