Second Chance

And you came. You saw me from the other side of the room and you walked towards my direction. I saw you too, and when I did, a great wave of happiness came over me. As you were nearing towards the table I was in, I suddenly had this urge to motion my hand towards you asking you to come sit beside me. I was foolish. Why on earth should I ask you to sit beside me? We both know that we’re far too different now. Much to my frustration, you agreed and now we’re sitting side by side.

I clung my right arm around your left arm and you dared not to remove it from clinging on to you. It made me happy. I was happy. We started talking to this random girl in front of us (a girl, I am certain I am familiar with, I just can’t remember who she is). I touched your cheek and you looked me in the eyes. Oh those circle eyes! My heart was racing and it felt good. It felt good for you weren’t resisting me. We sat there like lovers– Lovers…. exactly like how it was before… actually better than how we were before.

You touched the tip of my nose with your finger and you told me to come and follow you. We bade goodbye to this lady (Whose name I have forgotten) and started walking towards the pergola.

My arm is still around your arm. I was afraid to let go… no.. Not again.

“You know, our babies would be great singers because you’re their mother.” you told me. I laughed. I was both flattered and delighted. “Well, at least I know, I have something I could endow them with right?” I replied.

I saw you look at me. You were smiling and it was indescribable. I missed you so much. Much as I would like to stare at your face, I had to keep our lovely conversation going. “How about you? What will you teach them? How To Get Wasted 101?” I joked. You grinned at me. “You’re their mother, you can give them all the good stuff.” you smiled at me.

There you go again! With all of your remarks about me being the good one and you being nothing. You’re more than what you believe you are. Trust me. You may appear insignificant to others. maybe even towards yourself, but just so you know, you mean the world to me and I love you very much.

“Aha! I know what you should give our future babies!” I broke the silence. You turned your head towards me. Our foreheads are touching. “Well, you can teach them how to eat and eat and eat and not gain a single pound! Ugh! Our kids will be the luckiest!” I bit my lower lip. “They will be the luckiest for you are their mother.” you kissed my forehead. I touched the back of your neck. “Let’s stay like this forever.” I whispered. You nodded in agreement.

We were nearing towards this white room and we were still inseparable.

Your arm locked around mine, our hearts beating together like how they used to beat once upon a time… you and I were perfect. We love each other.

Your phone rang… and you read the contents of the text message you received. From the expression written all over your face, I knew that it was from her.

I sat in front of you and you turned your back against me… you were speaking… conversing with someone and I already knew what’s about to happen.

You grabbed your coat and wore it… you looked at me and I knew it.

You mouthed the words “I have to go.” Your face looked pale and sad and then and there I have proven what this is about.

“It’s all in my head.” I said. “I was dreaming… still wishing you were mine instead.”

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was back inside my room clutching on to my pillow pretending it was you.

I have to wake up now I said.

Second chances never happen, well at least not until you’re dead.


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