My Winter

You are my winter.

You come once a year and it’s hard to cease your departure. You transform this earth in to a wonderful place that is covered with white velvet that would instantly make everything glow. You make me want to protect myself from your strength and might. You always take me to coffee shops to warm myself up. You make me want to stay in and eat Christmas cookies while I read my favorite books. You make me want to cuddle and fall asleep while we talk about my childhood in front of the fireplace. You clothe me with my favorite fur and the softest wool. You make me want to spend half of my day submerged in hot water peppered with my favorite vanilla scent. You make me want to go near you and to find shelter under your chin; right along the trail of skin that runs from the bottom of your face to your collarbones. You make me want to trace the lines of the tattoos that are etched on to both of your arms. You want to make me fall in love.

There is no other person that would compare to who you are and I am quite honest right now. For it’s too cold for wicked lies and you’ve stripped me off of my coat; you’ve seen this girl inside out.

I think I love you, and I have yet to experience the kind of winter that you can offer to me. Despite this however, I have grown accustomed to this feeling of adoration towards you.

I know that we have yet to break the barriers that limit who we are towards each other, but that itself excites me for it will have to conceive more encounters with you and I am quite positive that I shall find myself more and more enthralled with who you are.

I barely know you and you barely know me but this would have to do. An illusion fabricated to cure this craving of mine that screams “I Want You”.

Dear, this year is about to close its door on us and I am not afraid for the next might bring us our own version of spring . All that I am thinking about is that you’re quite something.

As for this winter, you are my man, barely and completely

You come once in a lifetime to a girl who has grown in to the tropics like me.


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