To Hank From Tinie, Without love

Dearest Hank,

I am very flattered for you have chosen me as the person whom you feel is worthy of your affections. I am thankful for your attention and relentless adoration of who you think I am despite of my quirky ways.

Now, let’s agree on to this, no matter what transpires during and after you read my letter, promise me that I’d still have you as my ever reliable friend.

Relationship they say must be built upon a rock… and that rock is friendship. If you have heard that saying (which of course I’d assume you have) then you are on the right track, but here lies the perpetual hindrance…forgive me for I feel that and I know so that my heart begs to differ.

You have been incredibly tolerant of who I am and I cannot thank you enough for doing so, this one piece itself cannot nullify the fact already stated that I do not deserve who you are.

You deserve to be with someone who will see you under a different light and I am afraid that it is not I.

Do not let bitterness perpetuate inside your heart, I am sorry. I guess I’m just not cut out to give back the affection you’re ever so abundantly showering me with.

If you wish to go on a separate path from me my friend then I’d understand, but remember that you’ll always have a special corner inside my heart.

If you wish to stay then that would calm me and it would erase any form of unwanted tension that yells hurtful words in the abyss of deafening silence. I want to be with you, only not in the manner you wish for me to be so.

You must understand that I cannot love back just because I am loved, not unless it is expected and demanded through a different form.

To love you under false pretense that I really do would automatically murder what still is available for salvation.

I hope you understand

Don’t part ways with me

I am sorry.

I can’t love you



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