Secret Language

And for that night, I knew that I just fell deeper on to your trap. I can barely move my fingers now for I am deeply buried under these phrases and open ended questions and answers that you and I share. That night, you saw me differently, I can tell. That night, it was I who played the role of the foreigner; the enchanting whimsical creature who dances along with the wind. It was I who captured your attention– not the other way around.

Maybe it’s my American tongue that spats out words with a casual twang or maybe it was the way I handled every situation confidently; maybe it’s because I fixed your failed presentation, or maybe it’s because of my fearless statement of the phrases “Yeah I am pretty” and “Yeah, I know, I am intelligent” (although we all know that all of these lines were mere facades so as to veil the incorruptible truth that you make me shiver every time that you come around); for it all its worth, I am 100 percent sure that, that night I was the shiniest piece of mystery that tickled your fancy. I wasn’t sure as to where I pulled out the courage from but I don’t care anymore for it worked on you. I just broke your first wall, and now that I have… I think I just earned a tiny space inside your mind.

You are the mystery, but I am willing to play your game. I know that you smoke a lot before classes; meters away from the Southern gate of our University. You stay there, close, but far enough to go unnoticed to mere passersby. I know that underneath your usual long sleeved get up are tattoos of different colors and different images. (You’re not really ashamed of this one but you have to cover it up because the university would kick you out if they see that you’re pretty much inked on your upper torso). Society placed stereotypes to those who wear tattoos but honey I fear not, for I have a couple of them as well. I know that you’re really a gentleman and this is very apparent, as a matter of fact, this piece of you is already everybody’s knowledge. I know that you have your devilish side as well, and that side I quite fancy. You rode on with my lewd joke about how we’re watching pornography and that you shouldn’t see it. It made me laugh for you didn’t even find any offense with what I just carelessly blurted out, you just sailed along. I know that you have the heart of a gypsy just like me; flying and getting lost is also your hobby. (Finally! A person who’d agree with me when I say that my vice is “getting temporarily lost”) I know that you love sitting next to glass windows every time you’re at a coffee shop.This makes it easier for me to find you for you’d be the first sight I’d see from afar. I know that you’re quite a reader as well for every book ticks your attention. This fact makes me want to swoon all over you for I am a book junkie myself. And lastly, I know that you speak French as well.

That night, I bid you “au revoir” and you replied in perfect French. We had a little French conversation that made you stay a little longer inside the room. It pleased me for it was I who paved way for your slight delay. In the middle of a crowd wherein nobody understands what we’re talking about, we saw each other.

A language that’s both foreign to us made us a little closer. I speak English and you speak Spanish but that night we unveiled our inner French. Maybe next time I see you, you’d call me mademoiselle and not señorita, and we’d converse like 2 souls lost in Paris through our secret language.


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