You know that kind of feeling when you’re left without choice but to fold and be the coward that you are? Well, I just had one of those with you. I know that you were looking and I know that I must look back but I can’t. My heart was beating like a mad beast destroying my rib cage with its ferociousness. My head was spinning in to various directions and I couldn’t see anybody but you. My body was shaking violently but I managed to act like I am busy having a made up conversation with some phantom in my cellphone. We passed by each other… and it was.. by far the scariest, most intense encounter I’ve ever had in years. In a lapse of a minute or less… you conquered me… all of me… A quiet passing, a mundane task of walking changed me For it wasn’t just like the usual spark you feel within you every time you’re near the person you’re quite fond of. It was an electric current that rammed my internals. Left to right, upwards and downwards… until all that I am is a pair of shaking hands and restrained lungs incapable of taking in oxygen. The sun was scorching hot as we passed each other I was too afraid to let out a mutter What was I supposed to do? I wanted you far too much but I am not brave enough to claim it You’re too far like a distant star yet so near like the air I breathe in A child, I am but a child… maybe that’s what running in your mind A baby in a bottle, a little girl of no special design And truth be laid out upon us, I must say that your mind speaks correctly I don’t know what to do… what to say… I DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE THROUGH ME For all that I am, underneath this skin is a naked person hiding What if I’m not good enough for this? Not good enough to have a man like you.. and that our brief encounter is running for a miss? Oh well, I possess a heavy heart writing under the false pretense that I am courageous and fine In a matter of days, weeks, or maybe months maybe I’d have all of this, all of you far far behind           or not


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