Some people might look down on me once I tell them the cravings of my heart.

I desire for a man whose arms cannot bear the weight of my affections for him. Some people might give me names, but I will not falter for I know one thing– Honesty. I am honest to myself and I allow myself to grow in adversity. Knowing that I cannot have him qualifies me as rational, but allowing myself to adore him with all of my heart despite of his absence in my life makes me stronger.

It is not false belief, but it is faith.

I have faith in love and I will never falter in my belief.

If you can call me a sinner for following my feelings then so be it. I do not require other people’s validation to know that I am foolish to be loving a man I can never possess. Isn’t that the very reason we love? Not for it to be returned equally but for it to grow and for it shelter the person to whom our affections are pointed at?

If it is a sin to fall in love with all of my heart regardless of the situation then chain me and have my head on a spike for I will not change my views about this. In another angle of this matter, it is quite admirable that some people actually have the guts to give uncalled for insults to people like me? And people, in general?

One thing that I have learned from dealing with a lot of people, coming from diverse backgrounds, having varied tastes for what is considerable to what is inclement, is that we are all, in our own ways–sinners. A man who works for his family, toils for almost 24 hours a day, may appear noble for other people’s eyes, but for his children who sees him differently; who sees him as a father who is never home, a drunkard who smokes like nicotine is the only thing that could sustain him– he is viewed as a sinner.

Being a sinner is subjective, just like beauty. We can never fully gain the acceptance of everybody and thus we must remember that it is alright to be who you are.

It is alright to feel in love with someone you cannot have just as long as you do not covet him. For once you’ve done harm to another human person, then that’s the time when your sins become real sins and even through your eyes you see a sinner, but not just a plain sinner, but a sinner who is guilty. And that is far more graver than any sin that you could commit to anybody and to your “me”.


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