And as much as I would like to sell your identity out here in the open, I’d rather not. For the vagueness of your presence serves no right to dominate my heart.

I know that you have the capability to walk away from me without uttering a goddamn word. You have already made me aware of the treachery that runs through the courses of your veins but despite that however, I made no move whatsoever to delete you completely in my life.

You have hurt me but I chose not to dwell on the fact that you have done so.

I have turned my back on several beliefs that I held so closely to my heart just for me to enjoy your presence and for you to enjoy mine.

But now that you seem to have ghosted out on me the 2nd time around… I fear that you are teaching my heart the manners of which it could grow cold against you.


As a matter of fact, I love you more than I should, but that no longer matters for it is in departure wherein my heart forgets what it’s like to feel the warmth it used to dance on.

I don’t know, and I can’t seem to care less for no matter how hard I try to deflect my feelings away, I know that you have anchored your ship on to my harbour and that I’ll always keep you for when you need my warmth around your body.

I am home, and you treat me like home but you will always be foreign to me.

Too close but too unreachable for my arms to embrace, you will always be distant to my woes and my fears and my love for you.

You will always be foreign to my heart and to my soul and yet I am and will always be your sweet home.

and it’s unfair.


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