The pain of getting over someone you never truly possessed is a tough one. 

You have to fool yourself in to believing that there is nothing to be pained for to begin with.

The most difficult part however is seeing the other one– THE OTHER HER.

My dear,

It has been a month since we last spoke to each other and I can barely recall the crevices of your face. I can barely recall the sound of your voice I fancied for so long. I can barely vision how you would look like on a Tuesday night with your pastel colored polo shirts and your brown briefcase. I can barely feel you in the air. I can barely imagine the thought that one summer, you were there.

I wouldn’t want to dwell on the reasons as to why you would just leave. It has been a month since we last spoke and I’d rather have the beautiful picture of who you are stained within the corners of my heart rather than the coldhearted person you have shown me glimpses of.

Last night, I saw her.

Last night, I saw you.

Last night, I saw you cheek to cheek with her.

And God, was I relieved to feel an immense amount of joy when I saw what I saw.

She was kind looking. She looked like the kind of girl who wouldn’t want to befriend me for the meaner reputation that I excellently uphold. She looked like the kind of girl who would cook you pancakes in the morning. (Not that I won’t, but she just kind of embodies that kind of girl). And she barely looks 32.

I don’t want to point my finger towards you and call you a liar but if she’s really that “HER” then please don’t leave her anymore.

She looks like she’s kind enough to hold your hand amidst the storms that would come your way. She looks like she cares enough to kiss your mouth with the passion that runs within the course of a young blood’s vein in your last few days. She looks like she adores you enough to bear your children. She looks like she loves you enough.

She loves you enough that you no longer require a different kind of love…

So different, that only I can offer it.

It’s melancholic and yet it soothes my weary soul, I know that that “HER” wouldn’t leave you broken as some girls would and could.

I just wish you saw that kind of “HER” in me because you know that I loved you more than I should.



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