Love (Ten Films)

In Mato’s eyes , Love is all about second chances. Love is all about the desire to make oneself better; to salvage whatever it is that’s left and turn it in to something better. Love, is all about forgiveness. Love is all about being understood, that’s for Veronika. It is when someone does something that’s harmful and yet you oversee that, that’s Love. (Lòve by Jakub Kroner)

Dr. Kepesh, amidst his greatness, sees love as a future cause of pain. It is to be kept only for a certain time and it must go. Love is beauty. Love is art. Love cannot stay because at one point, you must turn love away. For Consuela, love is about trust. One must believe that there is a future for love to grow. Love is all about bravery. Love is about fearlessly leaping towards the unknown in high hopes that one shall catch you at the other side. (Elegy by Isabel Coixet )
 For Adèle, love is about consistency. Love is to be courted. One must hold it, embrace it and keep it close. Love is blue. Love is youth. Love is when she found herself in the arms of diversity which she kept and carried on. Love is ironic for in adversity she found love but love turned stagnant and in adversity she lost love. Love is Emma. Emma is blue. Emma sees love as change. Love must change for it to grow, like how she found Adèle. Love is about pushing boundaries. Love is about divergence. Love WAS Adèle. (La Vie D’Adèle Chapitre 1&2 by Abdellatif Kechiche)
 It wasn’t long until Pepa realized that Love is not Ivàn. Ivàn is overdose. Love is not overdose. Love is also obsession… a little bit of it and gazpacho spiked with sleeping pills. Candela’s different though. For Candela, love is dangerous. Love is imprisonment. Love is being stupid and love might push you off of a balcony. For Carlos, love is undefined… as far as he is concerned, love might include eloping and maybe kisses… lots of speech interrupting kisses. For Marisa, love is losing one’s virginity in his/her dreams. Love used to be stiff and imposing but the better kind of love may be sought after in one’s fantasies. For Lucía, love is madness. Love left her for Pepa and love gave her delusions… tons of them. (Mujeres Al Borde De Un Ataque De Nervios by Pedro Almodóvar)
 For Dan and Candy, love is both of them… and heroin. Candy loved Dan. Dan’s love was Candy, but heroin did not love them both. Love is recovery, but love as heroin is greater. At the end, Dan realized that love is to let Candy go and for Candy, love is to be forgotten. (Candy by Neil Armfield)
 At 65 Jep believes that love is about power. Love is about being one of the pillars of Rome. Love is nightlife. Love is money. Love is party. For Ramona, Love is for the lucky ones and she is not cut for it. When the 2 met, Jep started seeing Love through Ramona. It was too late however for Love was stolen to Jep by death and so Love became Ramona and then it became death. Love is out of stock, Jep was too late. “Does love still exist in solitude?” A question that may have popped inside Jep’s mind. Love was once in his hands back when he was 15 and it was summer and he was near the ocean but Love grew tired of Jep, or maybe it was because Jep cannot see love at all. (La Grande Bellezza by Paolo Sorrentino)
 It was Paul who started it all and Jeanne thought that it was Love. For Jeanne, Love did not have a name. Love was that abandoned apartment. Love was brash and loud and American. Jeanne wanted to give Love a name but Love refused to be named. Love was older and she adored it. For Paul love was dead. Love died, love cheated on him and love cheated on life. Then love became confusion. Is Love becoming this 20 year old Parisian girl? Love is sex. But when Jeanne heard love speak its name and its story, Jeanne’s love grew cold. Love is chasing her and she doesn’t want it anymore. Love for Jeanne is anonymity and love tried to rape her, or so she would contest and that’s why she had to kill it. (Ultimo Tango A Parigi by Bernardo Bertolucci)
 Set in the days of rage and wars, Elsa was robbed off of love when love killed her father. Elsa then thought love could be somewhere far, when she’s not herself. Elsa sought love in the theater but she merely saw glimpses of happiness that did not last very long. The Prince, was lonely and so he set off to find happiness elsewhere. The Prince saw love in the chapel, through a voice. He ran and chased and the voice was that of a girl. Love then became a girl. The girl was Elsa… Love was Elsa. For Elsa, Love is about turning her back to the theater and she did. Love however failed to stay and Love for Elsa became bitter. When Love returned for her, she rejoiced but she was dying and so Elsa’s love became forever and for the Prince, Love became death. (Ma L’Amor Mio Non Muore by Mario Caserini)
 For Anne and Georges, Love is old. Love is music. Love is sickness. For Anne, love is Georges and love took good care of her. For Georges love was half-dead… or maybe dead, but since he loved Love, he must set Love free from all of its burdens… even life. For George love is finally free. (Amour by Michael Haneke)
 Inside the colorful world of Angélique, love is a Doctor. He’s unhappily married and Love will be with her in Italy. Love loved her so much… or so she believes. For Dr. Loïc Le Garrec, love is marriage and he is happy. Love is not perfect but love carries on. Angélique’s love is found on walls and pills  and collages and mental institutions and she will be with Love… even when love does not know, even when there’s no Love at all. (A La Folie… Pas Du Tout by Laetitia Colombani)
 But for me, love is the summation of all the feelings and that’s why it believes, it kills, it hurts, it saves, it carries on.

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