To Lily


I am here to give you all of the apologies that one person could ever give for doing something completely horrible.

You did not deserve any of that. You did not deserve me in the picture.

I am glad that you’re doing quite well and I am happy for you. Congratulations Lily!

First off,

I was so pained by what happened in the past that I judged you without actually knowing who you are. I have questioned the decision fate made and I am terribly anguished by it.

You’re something Lily.

I am not sure if you are actually aware of my existence but I am here to offer my apologies and to… well, admire you.

The doubts are all crystal clear now. You are an amazing person.

You spend your time with poverty stricken children and you genuinely like that. You are smart and beautiful and incredibly kind hearted I feel so bad that I came in to picture.

We are so different and alike Lily.

I will not list down the things that I have done for I know that you shall immensely beat me at it.

You’re an advocate and I have always known that I am more of an artist than that of who you are.

You’re law and I am freedom.

You’re a leader and a follower and I am more of a free spirit.

I don’t know as to why I am writing this letter that you’ll probably never have the chance of encountering… but hey, if the odds will it, you might and if you shall, I hope you take my apologies whole heartedly.

I know where I stand dear Lily, and I am sorry for not seeing how big of a person you are.

I am sorry for disrespecting you and thus I shall stop.

I know morally, I shouldn’t, but it wasn’t until I saw how correct you are and how impulsive I was that I started biting my lip to punish myself from talking too much.




You’re beautiful and I think I want to be as great as you are someday.



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