And now I am crying for it’s not supposed to be this tough

I am crying because I’ve done more than enough

I just wanted to feel you without having to touch you

I just wanted to love you without having to scare you

Away, away, away from me

I’ve been crying about you, this will be our round three

Are we really going to end this way?

I can’t change what I feel

My heart and my mind, my soul, won’t sway

I just want to talk to you and to tell you stories

I just want to keep you until we become each other’s realities

I am brave enough to thread on a road so empty

Touching crevices and things that might hurt me

But as long I believe that we’re more than just lucky

I am pretty sure not even demise will stop me

But I have to see myself once more

I have been fighting harder, a lot harder than before

I don’t know if I must believe in fate

But I’m a little too tired now, a little too tired  to keep the faith

My eyes shed tears for you, I don’t know why

It’s illogical, why must I even try?

I am tired, so tired for having to try so hard

Maybe that’s my answer

“We’re too far apart”



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