To Rafa

Maybe we’re only meant to coexist that night I met you there.

Maybe we’re bound to cross each other’s paths through that and that alone, but dear Rafa, you were splendid.

I was reluctant at first for you looked like some college stoner but you proved me wrong.

You were profound, smart, and you have a vision.

God I wish I asked for your number because as of right now all I can think about is the fact that I want to speak with you again. I want to talk about anything– literally anything.

You surprised me when you gave me a lecture on psychology and semantic encoding and all the things that I have the faintest knowledge of.

It was surprisingly beautiful as to how we spiralled from one topic to another and how melodious the conversation was.


You apologised for your slow responses and it was so cute.

You told me that you’ve been here and I may have seen you but never really knew.

I hope to meet you again Rafa, and this time, I really do want to meet you.

I can only draft a possible facade, a scenario of some sort, and these thoughts are purely enticing.

I hope you asked me more, you could have tracked me down, but you failed to do so and so did I.

Maybe it’s fate, or maybe it’s purely coincidental, nonetheless I am glad.

Dear Rafa, we can travel together if you want to and I swear to the entire universe, we shall change the world.

Maybe we’re only meant to coexist that night I met you there… but I fervently pray that that is not our case.



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