There’s more to life than falling in love with the boy you’ve envisioned your future with.

There’s more to life than losing him in an impossible battle of “forced forgetting”.

There’s more to life than wanting him to come and chase after you so that the roads will be shorter and you can meet him halfway.

There’s more to life than seeing yourself lying beside him every single night until you’re wrinkly and frail and old and forgetful.

There’s a difference between being forgetful and forgetting.

The difference lies between the fact that forgetfulness comes with age and time while forgetting comes with death. The death of what once; died between your fingertips, its blood seeping through the insides of your nails. Forgetfulness wants to live forever while forgetting wants to kill. Forgetfulness craves for life while forgetting breathes death. The decision lies between who’s forgetful and who is dying to forget. A death for another reason to die all over again due to mistakes committed or turns not taken–choose your poison.

I hope that if I am not the one you see when you’re old and grey, I am the mistake and not a turn you should have never taken due to the fear of wanting to die just to forget.

That it’s a mistake how I made you feel and how I perfectly placed these bright stars on your blanket of pitch black sky.

And as a matter of truth, if mistake I shall become, know that a mistake only becomes a mistake when it’s no longer perfect.

Correctness is a matter of perspective, a faulty one relationship does not count as a mistake unless you say that it is.

With everything that I have stated I hope that you are the forgetful one. Enriched by aged, by time and by these experiences all good and bad and exciting and sinister and colorful and alive. I hope that when you are forgetful you forget things about me. I hope that you forget how hard we fought for our existence and I hope that in your forgetfulness you grieve to remember that I love you.

And you tell me for the longest time that you love me back.

Do not forget me. Forget me.

And always remember.

There’s more to life than forgetting about how I feel about you…



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