To Diego

You are a kind man who has been patient enough to keep up with my ramblings and my bitter pushes. You have shown me an entirely different face and an entirely different soul.

You are kind even when I am mean and you do not deserve the lashes my words and my grievances mark you with.

I know that what you are going through is a difficult one; wanting to become somebody so farfetched from who you are now.

My eyes mourn with the sound of uncertainty that fails not to quiver every time you speak of your future.

You wanted to be a lawyer. You now want to be an economist.

I want you to be whoever you want to be.

I want you to be happy.

I want you to stop waking up early just so you could earn some extra cash– petty extra cash.

I want you to stop lifting chairs and tables and start lifting books and papers for your next case study on the fluctuating economic trends of the Latin American market.

I want you to see the world not through the peephole of being a wallflower but through the eyes of someone, living and breathing in that world of wonder.

You called me dreamer.

Please be one as well.

You told me that I am still young to feel so burdened with the entrapments this world has boxed me in but please consider the importance of haste; of wanting to run with the speed of this ever changing world.

I want great things to come upon your feet.

Thank you for putting the light back inside my soul.

You found me broken but now I feel like I have the magic rumbling like thunderstorms within the skins of palm once again.

Thank you for calling me a dreamer; for reminding me that I am one.

And so this dreamer is going to dream, not only for herself but for you as well.

I will dream for the manifestation of both of our dreams.

So that one day we can say that we made it out alive.

I bet that the can of Coke that states “Share this Coke with a DREAMER” is our omen that we’ll shine like Venus at night.


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