Please Tell Me Wishes Do Come True

Do wishes come true?

I ask my mother when I was younger, and she said ‘Yes, they do.’

I asked my mother to tell me her wish but she would just laugh it off.

Do wishes come true?

Well, Cinderella had hers granted with a slight wave ‘Bippitty Boppitty Boo’

She danced her night away, she was the most fairest of them all

She married the prince and lived in a castle so big and so tall

Do wishes come true?

I asked my sixteen year old self

And she said they do

But year after year, heart break after heart break

when she turned 20 she asked

Do wishes come true?

I am not sure anymore.

I used to believe in my dreams when I was a lot younger. A part of me still wishes to believe that someday these dreams I have cupped within the palms of my hand and buried underneath the beats of my heart shall crystallise before these hopeful eyes of mine.

I would like to say that this hallow and dark pit of stagnation shall end soon and my dreams shall begin to build it self up.

I don’t want to admit that reality tastes like burnt coffee.

I don’t want to admit that I am having a hard time getting a job.

I should be thankful I am not completely unemployed!

But something tells me that I should be accomplishing more than what I am doing, and God knows how I would love to get out there and build the future that I have seen for myself.

“The future I have seen for myself.”

What is that future?

And it daunts me as to how clueless I am.

I don’t know where to begin.

I was strategically mapping out a detailed plan of someone else’s dream. 

If I would be frank about what I really want, people would laugh at me.

I want to sing.

That what I want to do but I have no clue as to where I should turn first.

The idea scares me.

This may be the reason as to why I pile plan Bs–tons and tons of plan Bs, instead of thinking as to how I am going to get to where I would really want to be.

Do wishes come true?

I’d cut my piece short, I don’t know too.

(I want to say otherwise but I am too lost to lie about what’s true.)


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