To ‘Sheep’

You just left.

And you’re the kind of person who would never do that.

I have so many dreams for you ‘Sheep’ and God knows how much you moved me with your kindness and warmth. I dearly hope you are well.

‘Sheep’, you are the only person who patiently kept up with my pushes. You kept me entertained. You kept me glad and I hope you know how serious I am every time I tell you the words “I wish the world is as kind as you are”, for you are phenomenal like that.

You deserve a good life.

You deserve a woman who will care for your needs.

You deserve to be free and to chase after your passions, like a desert storm sweeping through the lands.

I am so thankful for have the the chance to spend my days with you.

These days were short and hasty but I still thank the universe for letting you pass me by, for letting you hold me even if it’s just for a very short amount of time.

I thank the universe for bringing you to me when I was at my darkest moments.

You are the kind of light that burns so bright, it blinds the eye but it warms the heart.

I will miss the way you try to cheer me up and I swear to God I have never experienced anything like it.

Thank you for shining bright for me.

The days are getting sunny but a part of my heart mourns for you.

I miss you.

I want to talk to you right now. I want to see your world once again.

I want you to come back.

I need a friend who will stand by my side as I go through these turbulences.

You know that we can’t be together romantically and yet you embraced me like it was okay, like I was not breaking your heart.

I am so sorry. You’re not the one.

You deserve someone better than me. You deserve someone who will kiss you every time you wish to be kissed.

‘Sheep’, I miss you and I am sad as of this moment for I feel the emptiness running through this body of mine like it’s a disease. I need you to tell me that I will get better. I need you to make me realize that all of this pain is fleeting. I need you to remind me that I am strong.

But you don’t deserve that kind of treatment. You don’t deserve to catch my tears from my eyes, always flooded with anguish and anxiety.

You do not deserve to give me warmth when all that I can ever be to you is a friend.

You need a lover and I can’t be that for you.

I love you in a different way.

And I will always love you in the manner wherein I do not deserve to keep you around.

Maybe it’s just right that you left.

Maybe you realised that my tears are not worth your love.

I will forever be thankful for the sunshine you gave me.

I will miss you forever.




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