Diary Entry: 1 (Japan)

(This is a diary entry)

The last week of 2015 is about to roll in and yet we still have a tiny turbulence to smooth through.

I know that it is very elitist to say that “I really need this vacation” but this so-called “vacation” has been our family’s staple for years. We don’t really want to cause a little bit of disruption in that.

Nonetheless, I hope we pass through this one.

I rarely post “diary entries” here but I would love to for this one.

This year, we are bound to travel to Tokyo, Japan.

A few hours earlier we got the impression that only half of us (my mother, my father and I) could travel due to the “expiring” (less than 6 months validity) passports of my sisters and my brother.

This definitely made me feel heavy awhile back.

I have been waiting for this trip for months now!

And to see all of the preparations and the wooing go down the drain like that is obviously heartbreaking for me.

Let me tell you the 3 major reasons why:

Firstly, like what I have stated above, it is a family tradition. We really spend Christmas elsewhere. It’s the time of the year wherein we’re literally stuck with each other– no parties, no get together with friends. And as a family, we need this break.

Next, I feel like it’s enough to break one tradition (my father’s birthday bash- we didn’t have it this year for reasons unknown).

And lastly, next year– 2016, is an enormous year for me. I am not expecting to land the scholarship I applied for, no, but I am hoping that I do… and when I do, I will definitely have to leave the country for quite some time. This of course would also result to me spending seasons away from my family.

Last year, I told myself that that (our family trip) would be the last as I would fly away from the country this year. (This obviously didn’t happen due to the lack of preparation on my part.) This year however, I meticulously crafted a plan that might allow me to fulfil my goals.

Well, I don’t really have much to say now.

I guess, I’ll really just have to lift everything up to the universe and let her decide as to where we’ll be bidding “Merry Christmas” to each other.

I love my family even if sometimes they make me feel so out of place.

That I guess is enough for a Christmas trip.


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