To Your Child

Dear Child,

I am not sure if you’ll ever meet me but if some time in the future we do meet, please believe me, I wish you well.

I am happy that you are making the man I used to love happy. I may no longer love him as much as I did back when my eyes were dry and innocent but still, I can not contest enough that I did I loved him back then.

And if the heavens decide that our paths cross some day I am pretty sure that I will find you rather charming and loveable as well.

Please do not think that I am trying to meddle with your family, dear child, I have no intentions whatsoever.

I just didn’t think that you’d come too soon.

Your father isn’t even halfway through his semesters and you’re arriving already.

I know that it’s not your fault. I guess I am just as surprised as you are.

Your news came to me like a hurricane enveloped inside a sick joke made by a friend who’s trying to console my confused spirit.

I was expecting some sort of a sarcastic comeback from my insensitive remark but instead, I received you… the news about your coming.

You are going to be a part of this world soon.

I can’t wait to meet you.

In any event that our paths may not cross, here I am, giving you my wishes in advance.

Child please be brave. Please understand that life is not about preparedness for great things and great disasters come when you are least prepared. Be brave to follow excellence for in it you shall find nothing short of excellent.

Child, learn how to dream higher. I may have failed to instil much of my dreams to your father but I hope you learn this on your own. May you draw magnanimous beasts and magical creatures and great adventures inside your mind and inside your heart– follow them… follow them incessantly; a part of who I am will journey with you.

Lastly child, please do not forget that greatness comes to those who ceaselessly pursue their hearts desire without having to put other people down. Be kind. Be loving.

If we meet one day after your birth, I will gladly hold your hand and kiss it for I am happy you are here to accompany your lovely parents as they tread on this world.

These are my wishes for you.

May the stars shine bright for you.



I know that your mother is a wonderful woman, please love her as much your father love his mother even if they’re continents apart.



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