Dreams Do Come True

I just want to tell you this:

“You have no idea how much I badly crave to be with you.”

You have no idea how much of my heart I am putting, for me to solidify these dreams that I have built upon the dreams that I have for you.

I know that it may sound rather desperate and foolish to gamble one’s destiny for a person who has the capacity to break your heart, but more than what’s already at stake, I would like to reiterate that this is not entirely for the glee of the person you’re longing for.

It may appear as if I am painting my life with colours of another person’s palette, but it is not.

If I would delve in to these dreams, let me tell you that everything is still about me and he was merely an instrument for me to realise that I have been putting these dreams of mine on hold for reasons I don’t know.

I may appear as if I am the kind of person who would mould her life in accordance to what’s convenient to his/her loved one, but I am more than that.

I would proudly proclaim how much I would want to cling on to him in my moments of weakness but above all of this, I would wish to live a life that’s more than just wanting to cling on to someone who isn’t there.

I am simply following the whims of my heart and I don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with that.

In my heart lies the very dreams I had back when life hasn’t taken its toll on me, and in that very same vessel, lies these new dreams that I have drawn for myself.

And deep within these new dreams that I have, lies the promise of you.

You and me– together.

I am not desperate, or maybe I am.

For I have already drawn your silhouette dancing with me as I live these dreams that reality is trying to chomp down.

You are love and you are a part of my new dream.

And me, following you as I live my dream, is simply me, proving the entire universe wrong.

Dreams do come true.

That’s why I am coming to live it with you.



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