To Wendy

Dear Wendy,

I don’t even know as to where I should begin.

You have been the image of ‘Europe’ for me for the past 6 months and you have been so kind.

Thank you for patiently answering my questions but I guess Austria is not in my cards yet this year.

I have received my confirmation letter to the course that I have been praying for since late last year. Thank you for making the effort of printing one out for me, but I guess it wouldn’t be of much use to me yet.

As an international student placed on the ‘Reserve List’, you must know that I have breathed out countless sighs.

“If only my portfolio’s better, I would have landed a spot on that coveted ‘Main List’ of yours.” This thought has been seething inside my mind from the day that you told me that I was a part of the ‘Reserve List’. It was my fault for not having sufficient credits to prove myself worthy of that scholarship.

I really want to study and I really want to earn that MA diploma, but I guess my prayers weren’t enough. Maybe 2017’s my chance, but for now, I just want to thank you for being accommodating and approachable.

Isn’t it saddening?

Education comes with a huge price tag. And coming from someone who lives miles away from Europe, landing a scholarship there feels like an impossible feat to achieve.

But I was able to make the cut, I may not be a scholar, but I am capable enough to land a spot on your ‘Reserve List’. And I am proud of that.

Nonetheless, Wendy, I am grateful to have encountered you. Thank you for being encouraging throughout this process but I will have to concede this year.

Searching for someone to fund my studies is harder than I thought. I would love to be welcomed by your university come August, but I won’t be there.

Reality slapped me harder than I expected and being on the ‘Reserve List’ feels more dreadful than I thought it’d be.

It’s like being told that you’re smart enough to get in but you can’t go because Europe is a little too farfetched for you.

I won’t lose hope and I won’t give in. This is my first try and I will make it! I’ll be able to study in Europe. That’s the dream. That’s my dream.

And thank you Wendy for assisting me with Austria.

You were pleasant.

And I bet that Austria’s as beautiful as what Google Images has been showing me. It would have been nice to have spent my days there.

Thank you Wendy. 🙂

Thank you for rekindling the dream.

(You’ll never be able to read this but in case you do, I truly appreciate how nice you are.)

Please do send my regards to the new students of Media Arts Culture for the school year 2016-2018!



It still hurts that I won’t be able to study this year but hey this is my first time applying for a scholarship and my results are already something that I should be proud of. I am grateful for the opportunity.


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