Hate Post 1

The problem with you is that you always criticise me for being too kind.

You always have a problem when people don’t agree with your opinions and you always make it a point to criticise them for their “lack of intellectual understanding” for not getting your point.

The problem with you is that you are so entitled to everything.

You can never be wrong because you’re oh so mighty.

Can’t you see? The reason as to why I decided to withdraw from our “discussion” awhile ago is because I feel like I am being attacked for my own beliefs.

It is a pointless debate that would only lead to me suppressing what I truly feel about the subject at hand.

But hey, since you went ad hominem on me awhile ago, let’s do just that right now.

The problem with you is that you are an insecure person. You don’t know when to stop because you know that other people have their own perspectives and you just can’t stand the fact that maybe their beliefs are better than yours.

You are only defined by those people you surround yourself with.

There’s nothing entirely special about who you are other than the fact that you get all cocky when your friends are around.

You don’t know when to stop. You’re offending people, one by one, simply because you can’t seem to go about your day without berating someone.

Your same old call outs are no longer funny.

They have become destructive and repetitive and boring and annoying.

I thought that maybe, those people you have offended before were only thin skinned and sensitive.

But now I am one of them.

Maybe we are too soft for your playful rhetoric and so we’ll just avoid the confrontation and let you live on.

You have a lot of people to prove and I am not having any of it.

Be the king of your own pretend world.

And I’ll live mine.


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