Late Love Letter

What kind of love do we have?

So far a part, so divided; we love each other through the hours that separate you from me.

So while we’re still treading on this road, let’s make it worthwhile.

It’s been so long since I last wrote you a love letter and so let me write you one today.

I love you.

The words I loosely say to you; the very same words you tell me to comfort me.

Know that I have never said that to anyone since I met you.

We’re built on an empire of clouds. We are our dream. You are mine.

I don’t know what prompted me to write this letter to you but whatever it is screams in fear of losing you.

I don’t want to give you up.

I cannot afford the thought of losing my known better half for the things I do not know.

And if I tell you this, I know that you’d tell me that I’m closing my world for you, but in this slap of regression on my behalf, please know that my world has expanded wildly when I met you.

Maybe I love you too much.

Maybe I am clinging way too hard on that dream that we’ve built for ourselves, maybe we’ll never amount to anything but each other’s maybe.

Despite the uncertainty however, I want you to know that you have shown me the world through your eyes and for that I am no longer the person I used to be.

I’ve become more loving because of you.

And I want to use the love that you taught me to love you more.

We have promises for tomorrow. And while the odds are against our favours now, I want you to know that I’ll make all of those dreams come true.

For I know that it’s you.

You’re the dream, my love.



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