2 Years

For 2 years you have been my rock. For 2 years you have been my dream. For 2 years I’ve grown so much. For 2 years there was only you and me.

God knows how much I love you.

I have been looking forward to the day I could call you my own. I’ve been weaving the words that I’d tell you once we meet. I have been moulding myself in to becoming the best person I can be for you.

For 2 years, I never loved anyone else. I was so sure that someone loves me. It has been you. I always come back to you.

If only you knew about the songs I’ve written, the proses I’ve cried on, the poems I’ve uttered. If only you knew that everything I am right now is because of you, you’d be astonished.

For the love that I have given you is a love that could last a lifetime.

I will love you forever. I know that.

I will always have the thought of you lingering at the back of my head. You opened up yourself to me. You were there for me when I felt so alone.You have been my strength, and my salvation. And it was nothing short of beautiful

You are beautiful.

But amidst the fairness of our lives, coexists the ugly.

The loneliness. The distance. The desperation. The sin. And the uncertainty.

I don’t want to part with the thought of you but you have parted with me several times. I’ve been hurt and I’ve been tormented by your ghost.

But all of that has come to pass, we are here today 2 years older than who we were when we first met.

We’re wiser, more loving and more mature.

Wise enough to realise that the 2 years brought us together and then now, apart.

I no longer know who you are and you do not know me.

But the feeling still exists.

The boy I loved, and still love, still exists.

He’s dancing and floating above the galaxy of our 2 years of forever.

For 2 years, you have been the love of my life.

And I will never stop loving you, even when our 2 years have already passed.


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