A Different Kind Of Christmas

I can barely recall where I was last year. I can barely recall the feeling.

Maybe  I was at a  Christmas party somewhere, getting my liver fried out by alcohol. Or maybe I was just at home wasting my day away with mushy rom-com movies I´ve seen several times already.

One thing´s for sure however, I am not in the middle of the business district of the city, drinking coffee whilst writing this blog. I also very certain that last year, I didn´t buy birthday noodles and chocolate mousse for anybody. Lastly, as far as I can remember, last year, I know that I never spent a night with some Spanish engineer drinking sweet wine whilst eating cheese from Valladolid.

A lot has changed in one year´s time.

I have experienced so much in a span of 365 (well, 366) days. I´ve learned to love and to kiss in a different language, it scares me how fluent I´ve become in a very short span of time.

I´ve learned that sometimes, you´ll have to swallow your pride and be as kind and as patient as possible to those you love. It´s not as easy as I make it appear, but I make it happen.

I have grown so much this year. My soul is now grazed with flowers of a different kind. I have opened myself up to the world, to people I don´t know, to this man- sitting across me watching some Spanish magazine show.

I never thought in a million years ever that I could expand my horizons so much. Call it crazy, call it foolish but 2016, in all of its melancholy and tragedy, gave me so much to be thankful for.

It is true that this year is far from perfect, but it´s not pure evil.

It was a year of growth, of tears, of enlargment.

It was the year I turned 22, the age where I realized and learned that I am no longer a child. I´ve been stripped off of my idealism and it was bittersweet.

Bitter and sweet in equal dosages.

So now that we´ll probably leave his office, I´ll wrap it off with these words slipping through my tongue and my soul : Thank God for this different kind of Christmas.



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