La Verdad (The Truth)

And so it might be a little too much of a bad omen, but I shall start my year with an emotional purge. I forgot to write about that time last December 22, when I was riding the elevator down your building. I was holding back tears of retribution. My chest felt constricted. I can... Continue Reading →


My Letter To Everyone

I have been very negative about everything. I am unsure whether it's just because of the different hardships I braved through my 2015, but I realised that I can no longer keep on having my light inside my pocket of failed hopes and dreams. Having said this, I am claiming 2016 as my year of... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Un-Resolution

Since I am doing my very best to become a non-conformist, I will not begin this essay by putting in "New Year, New Me". But you see, that's pretty much the irony of it, by saying that we shan't we already have, or we will. I placed everybody's favourite cliched line at the beginning of... Continue Reading →

To Love

Dear Love, It's so weird that I am writing you this letter now but don't worry, I'll only send it to you when it's time. Anyway, 2015 is coming to a quick close. We barely have a month left and we know how fast these days shall pass. 2015 was all about you. It was... Continue Reading →

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