I L—- You

I can still vividly recall how that night went. We were lying on your couch watching bad television. You were answering client emails on your laptop and I was staring at you. I was trying to get a clear map of your face-- every pore, every spot, ever crevice, I was trying to take all... Continue Reading →



I should be brimming with glee when the sun rises today but when I opened my eyes, I was just flooded with fear and mournfulness. I wanted to share my good days with you (yesterday being one of that); but instead you bring me so much pain. Pain that feels like a dagger across my... Continue Reading →

I Should Have Kissed You

I should have kissed you when we were four; when you hated everybody. I should have pressed my lips on your puffy wet cheeks soaked with tears. I should have held you, little as we were, and told you how cute you looked and that I wanted to be your friend. I should have hugged... Continue Reading →

The Game That I Can Never Win

"We're like the giants of this world Taller than everybody else And I'm yours..." I'm yours-- That is just an excerpt from one of the many songs that I have written in adoration of who you are. From the color of your eyes, to your tattoos, to your wisdom; there's just so much of you... Continue Reading →

To My First Love

“Last night, I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours and it was raining really hard. Can you just imagine how awful that was? There was flood everywhere and I was drenched with rain water. It was so bad that not even Katy Perry could cheer me up. Hey… are you even listening to what... Continue Reading →

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