I Need YOUR Help (The Best Christmas Ever)

Dear Readers, I fell in love with an English man. There, I said it. I actually fell in love with an English man who's a musician-- currently taking up his further studies abroad. He made me feel like 100 million dollars. Also, I have never met someone who actually listens to me and hears out... Continue Reading →


A Different Kind Of Christmas

I can barely recall where I was last year. I can barely recall the feeling. Maybe  I was at a  Christmas party somewhere, getting my liver fried out by alcohol. Or maybe I was just at home wasting my day away with mushy rom-com movies I´ve seen several times already. One thing´s for sure however,... Continue Reading →

Diary Entry: 1 (Japan)

(This is a diary entry) The last week of 2015 is about to roll in and yet we still have a tiny turbulence to smooth through. I know that it is very elitist to say that "I really need this vacation" but this so-called "vacation" has been our family's staple for years. We don't really want... Continue Reading →

The Price

I remember scrolling through my contacts searching for your name. I remember rehearsing every line I'd type in before I hit send so as not to freak you out with my weirdo tendencies. I remember sending you a lengthy text message about how I adored your coming and how I wish to see more of... Continue Reading →

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