My Worth

I met the most beautiful boy this year. He's got wise eyes and warm hands and dreams that are almost as big as mine. He's seen the world, tasted its flavours. He's been hopping from city to city to find his ever after. I met him by chance. I met him by default. A chance... Continue Reading →


Ungrateful Little Demon

Maybe I am just an ungrateful little demon, or maybe I am correct. The place where I am, the person that I am becoming, these people who are calling me their friend– everything is true and untrue at the same time. I know what I want and the boy I love reminds of that every... Continue Reading →

Dreams Do Come True

I just want to tell you this: "You have no idea how much I badly crave to be with you." You have no idea how much of my heart I am putting, for me to solidify these dreams that I have built upon the dreams that I have for you. I know that it may... Continue Reading →

My Letter To Everyone

I have been very negative about everything. I am unsure whether it's just because of the different hardships I braved through my 2015, but I realised that I can no longer keep on having my light inside my pocket of failed hopes and dreams. Having said this, I am claiming 2016 as my year of... Continue Reading →

To Diego

You are a kind man who has been patient enough to keep up with my ramblings and my bitter pushes. You have shown me an entirely different face and an entirely different soul. You are kind even when I am mean and you do not deserve the lashes my words and my grievances mark you... Continue Reading →

Your Love

I have prayed for your support and attention for years and now that I am being showered by your "attention" I feel like cracking my skull on the pavement. You would force feed me with the goals you have for me when I already have planned every move inside my head. I don't want to... Continue Reading →

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