Confirming Receipt

I am now receiving this message from you. You replied from the thread I started August of last year. You’re asking me if I still use Telegram. I reread and reread the words over and over again. I cannot believe it’s you. I cannot believe it took you almost a year to see that message.... Continue Reading →


Not Yet

I still get anxious every time I hear that same old ring tone. I can still see the flashes of their names, one after the other– Dj, Julia, Kaye, Rose, Khaye, Kris... And many others who came before me, who came with me and those who came after me. I can still remember how you... Continue Reading →

To Your Child

Dear Child, I am not sure if you'll ever meet me but if some time in the future we do meet, please believe me, I wish you well. I am happy that you are making the man I used to love happy. I may no longer love him as much as I did back when... Continue Reading →

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