I Never Thought I’d Write About You Again

I picked out the blue one with the gold flowers embroidered on it. I held the dress over my chest. “It looks good on you, señorita.” A familiar voice pierced through the jazz music the clothing store was playing. And there you were. You’re still wearing that same old air of mystery. Your eyes looked... Continue Reading →


Crazy In Love

The sun's rays illuminated her kitchen. She was slicing the apple mindlessly with the picture of her ex lover by her side. She's 18. "Aled... Aled..." she whispered silently. They broke up 6 months ago, and let's just say that she's not the "i need to move on ASAP" kind of girl. She stared at... Continue Reading →

Dead Girl’s Final Reminders

She clutched on to her favorite pocket knife tightly. Her right palm is bleeding and she didn't even care about it. "This pain is temporary." she muttered in the darkness. She took her pen out and started scribbling... I want to die She's been trying to die for the past 2 years but has been... Continue Reading →

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