Jar of Wonder

Every word that would bleed from of fun.'s Carry On pokes through my heart. I feel like the bite of nostalgia's kicking in right at the perfect moment when I DON'T need it the most. It's been so long and been so overlooked that now I can taste the bitterness of regret and maybe anxiety.... Continue Reading →


2 Years

For 2 years you have been my rock. For 2 years you have been my dream. For 2 years I've grown so much. For 2 years there was only you and me. God knows how much I love you. I have been looking forward to the day I could call you my own. I've been... Continue Reading →

To Tony

And I ask myself, after 5 days of not talking, are you worth it? I know that whenever I write songs about you and about the things that you made me feel and how beautiful you are to me, it is my gain as a writer... but are you worth the reminisce? I don't know.... Continue Reading →

I Should Have Kissed You

I should have kissed you when we were four; when you hated everybody. I should have pressed my lips on your puffy wet cheeks soaked with tears. I should have held you, little as we were, and told you how cute you looked and that I wanted to be your friend. I should have hugged... Continue Reading →


The pain of getting over someone you never truly possessed is a tough one.  You have to fool yourself in to believing that there is nothing to be pained for to begin with. The most difficult part however is seeing the other one-- THE OTHER HER. My dear, It has been a month since we... Continue Reading →

The Game That I Can Never Win

"We're like the giants of this world Taller than everybody else And I'm yours..." I'm yours-- That is just an excerpt from one of the many songs that I have written in adoration of who you are. From the color of your eyes, to your tattoos, to your wisdom; there's just so much of you... Continue Reading →

If You Miss Me

"I miss you more than I thought..." You texted me out of the blue. Unaware, caught off guard, startled and shocked... you knocked me off of my feet... you always do Where are you trying to get me at? Is this some sort of a pull back, to play the paused where we left of?... Continue Reading →

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