10 Things I’ll Never Send You

Here's a list of all of the things I'll never dare send you I am so confused because I feel like we genuinely like each other but then sometimes you get so cold and I am not so sure if I have the right to ask you  if you're doing this on purpose-- if you're... Continue Reading →


2 Minutes

I thought it was because I was wearing something tighter than usual. I removed my top and sat down. I stared at the unfamiliar ceiling, the grey walls and the floor. I don't know where I am. All I know is that this I'm in someone else's toilet. This is my new reality– the reality... Continue Reading →

La Verdad (The Truth)

And so it might be a little too much of a bad omen, but I shall start my year with an emotional purge. I forgot to write about that time last December 22, when I was riding the elevator down your building. I was holding back tears of retribution. My chest felt constricted. I can... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind Of Christmas

I can barely recall where I was last year. I can barely recall the feeling. Maybe  I was at a  Christmas party somewhere, getting my liver fried out by alcohol. Or maybe I was just at home wasting my day away with mushy rom-com movies I´ve seen several times already. One thing´s for sure however,... Continue Reading →

My Worth

I met the most beautiful boy this year. He's got wise eyes and warm hands and dreams that are almost as big as mine. He's seen the world, tasted its flavours. He's been hopping from city to city to find his ever after. I met him by chance. I met him by default. A chance... Continue Reading →

2 Years

For 2 years you have been my rock. For 2 years you have been my dream. For 2 years I've grown so much. For 2 years there was only you and me. God knows how much I love you. I have been looking forward to the day I could call you my own. I've been... Continue Reading →

Late Love Letter

What kind of love do we have? So far a part, so divided; we love each other through the hours that separate you from me. So while we're still treading on this road, let's make it worthwhile. It's been so long since I last wrote you a love letter and so let me write you... Continue Reading →

You Are Not The One

Now, I am certain that I am for someone else. Now I am certain that someone else will do me better than anyone else– than you. For I just smoked a cigarette I've stolen from my father's pack. And it was a cigarette for you –a smoke for all of your sins. I know that we... Continue Reading →

What We’re Going To Do

Let me tell you what we're going to do. I know that we've gotten a lot closer these past few weeks. It was great. But I just can't afford to lose another night overthinking about who we are. You are nice. You're funny. You and I share the same language. I know that you find... Continue Reading →

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