Drink 4 More Pills After 12 Hours

To my first child, Hello. First and foremost, I would like to apologise in advance since I know that I can't have you just yet. I bet you'd be beautiful. I know that you are. But this is not when I'll have you. You are not supposed to be the child who was conceived inside... Continue Reading →


The Difference

I know that I am not cut out for this; maybe I am, but maybe I'm just trying. To tell you the truth, the truth scares me. For when you reach that point in your life where you're supposed to be moving up that corporate ladder, or getting that promotion, sometimes, it feels as if... Continue Reading →

My Letter To Everyone

I have been very negative about everything. I am unsure whether it's just because of the different hardships I braved through my 2015, but I realised that I can no longer keep on having my light inside my pocket of failed hopes and dreams. Having said this, I am claiming 2016 as my year of... Continue Reading →

To Diego

You are a kind man who has been patient enough to keep up with my ramblings and my bitter pushes. You have shown me an entirely different face and an entirely different soul. You are kind even when I am mean and you do not deserve the lashes my words and my grievances mark you... Continue Reading →


Time-- we value time so much we fuck things up. Yes, I am so sorry for the obscene language but to be honest, we are living in a society wherein we value time so much (too much). Why don't we imagine things right now; Let's imagine a "timeless society" wherein time is a nonexistent matter... Continue Reading →

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