2 Years

For 2 years you have been my rock. For 2 years you have been my dream. For 2 years I've grown so much. For 2 years there was only you and me. God knows how much I love you. I have been looking forward to the day I could call you my own. I've been... Continue Reading →


Late Love Letter

What kind of love do we have? So far a part, so divided; we love each other through the hours that separate you from me. So while we're still treading on this road, let's make it worthwhile. It's been so long since I last wrote you a love letter and so let me write you... Continue Reading →

When We Meet

When we meet, I would probably cry. Cry because I cannot understand anything that's going on inside my soul. You would laugh at me and you would hold me like my body belonged inside your arms. And I will try to conceal the tears but you know I can't for you have tallied every single... Continue Reading →

Heads or Tails

Nothing could get any better than having the flesh on your skin be wrapped around my body like it was meant to be stitched on me. There's nothing worse than having someone whom you care about so deeply be carried away from you in to distant shores of streets unknown by your feet. I miss... Continue Reading →


And now I am crying for it's not supposed to be this tough I am crying because I've done more than enough I just wanted to feel you without having to touch you I just wanted to love you without having to scare you Away, away, away from me I've been crying about you, this... Continue Reading →


I just want to love you I guess that's pretty much it. I know that it might sound a little confusing now because of all that's between us, but what if, what if we're really the perfect demise of 'coincidence'? We have destroyed coincidence¬†with these stars swimming through our veins like drunk little lovers trying... Continue Reading →

Long Distance

"...Everything carries me to you, as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals, were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me..." - Pablo Neruda It is the thought that creates. It is the thought that colors. It is the thought of you that makes me want to hope that... Continue Reading →

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