A Different Kind Of Christmas

I can barely recall where I was last year. I can barely recall the feeling. Maybe  I was at a  Christmas party somewhere, getting my liver fried out by alcohol. Or maybe I was just at home wasting my day away with mushy rom-com movies I´ve seen several times already. One thing´s for sure however,... Continue Reading →



Looking at how far we've come-- no, how far I've come in to disappearing from your life; I'd have to say that I am glad. I no longer look for your face in every soul that I cross paths with. I no longer crave for the words that used pour beautifully from your mouth like... Continue Reading →


And as much as I would like to sell your identity out here in the open, I'd rather not. For the vagueness of your presence serves no right to dominate my heart. I know that you have the capability to walk away from me without uttering a goddamn word. You have already made me aware... Continue Reading →

For Him

If it's so wicked to like someone who may no longer be available to be the object of my fascination and endless devotion then feed me to the waves and banish me to hell for in there I might find myself in perfect harmony with all that is evil in this world. I am not... Continue Reading →

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