Confirming Receipt

I am now receiving this message from you. You replied from the thread I started August of last year. You’re asking me if I still use Telegram. I reread and reread the words over and over again. I cannot believe it’s you. I cannot believe it took you almost a year to see that message.... Continue Reading →


A Different Kind Of Christmas

I can barely recall where I was last year. I can barely recall the feeling. Maybe  I was at a  Christmas party somewhere, getting my liver fried out by alcohol. Or maybe I was just at home wasting my day away with mushy rom-com movies I´ve seen several times already. One thing´s for sure however,... Continue Reading →

You Are Not The One

Now, I am certain that I am for someone else. Now I am certain that someone else will do me better than anyone else– than you. For I just smoked a cigarette I've stolen from my father's pack. And it was a cigarette for you –a smoke for all of your sins. I know that we... Continue Reading →

What We’re Going To Do

Let me tell you what we're going to do. I know that we've gotten a lot closer these past few weeks. It was great. But I just can't afford to lose another night overthinking about who we are. You are nice. You're funny. You and I share the same language. I know that you find... Continue Reading →

Dreams Do Come True

I just want to tell you this: "You have no idea how much I badly crave to be with you." You have no idea how much of my heart I am putting, for me to solidify these dreams that I have built upon the dreams that I have for you. I know that it may... Continue Reading →

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