Love’s Favourite

In a classroom where love is teaches– why am I love's favourite? I am that student who never fails to fail, to falter, to bend and to break. Why am I love's favourite to hate? When I have given all that I can give. My time, my self, my art, my soul, and yet I... Continue Reading →


I Can’t Write

I don't know if it's my lack of skill or whatever but I just can't seem to write anything. I am quite aware that I have a knack for recycling old baggages from my past and making these emotional turmoils in to something poetic and current. However, these past few days, the whole process of... Continue Reading →


There's more to life than falling in love with the boy you've envisioned your future with. There's more to life than losing him in an impossible battle of "forced forgetting". There's more to life than wanting him to come and chase after you so that the roads will be shorter and you can meet him... Continue Reading →

The Foul and The Fair

I am not really the kind of girl who would feel the pangs of loneliness biting the muscles of my neck. I don’t usually feel the claws of solitude digging through my skin like hooks craving to hang me from the ceiling of sadness. I see people. I see people who may not be related... Continue Reading →

Love (Ten Films)

In Mato’s eyes , Love is all about second chances. Love is all about the desire to make oneself better; to salvage whatever it is that’s left and turn it in to something better. Love, is all about forgiveness. Love is all about being understood, that’s for Veronika. It is when someone does something that’s... Continue Reading →

I Should Have Kissed You

I should have kissed you when we were four; when you hated everybody. I should have pressed my lips on your puffy wet cheeks soaked with tears. I should have held you, little as we were, and told you how cute you looked and that I wanted to be your friend. I should have hugged... Continue Reading →


Some people might look down on me once I tell them the cravings of my heart. I desire for a man whose arms cannot bear the weight of my affections for him. Some people might give me names, but I will not falter for I know one thing-- Honesty. I am honest to myself and... Continue Reading →

The Problem

And you feel it... like a venom that has been infused with your blood slowly killing you deep within. You know it's real. You know that it's real because you can feel death seething on to your skin. You know it's real because it hurts and you cannot numb the pain. It's real because even... Continue Reading →

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