I Need YOUR Help (The Best Christmas Ever)

Dear Readers, I fell in love with an English man. There, I said it. I actually fell in love with an English man who's a musician-- currently taking up his further studies abroad. He made me feel like 100 million dollars. Also, I have never met someone who actually listens to me and hears out... Continue Reading →


The Darkest Chapter

I met the heart of the city around early January and I immediately fell in love with it. There's just so much buzzing and lights and promise everywhere and I so badly wanted to be a part of it. I learned about its opulence, how amazing it is to be a part of something that... Continue Reading →

General Cleaning

We had ramen for dinner that night. It made us both quite happy. The last time we went out, you almost wanted to hate me for bringing you to a hotel restaurant when all you wanted to eat was sushi. You were reading something from your phone as you drank that last sip of beer.... Continue Reading →

I Should Tell You This Tomorrow

And I know that you said that it would be best if we don't get emotional but I'm feeling awfully depressed and upon assessing myself, I know that there's only one thing that would make me feel better: I want to fall in love. I know that tomorrow, there's a 70-30 chance that we'd watch... Continue Reading →

La Verdad (The Truth)

And so it might be a little too much of a bad omen, but I shall start my year with an emotional purge. I forgot to write about that time last December 22, when I was riding the elevator down your building. I was holding back tears of retribution. My chest felt constricted. I can... Continue Reading →

My Worth

I met the most beautiful boy this year. He's got wise eyes and warm hands and dreams that are almost as big as mine. He's seen the world, tasted its flavours. He's been hopping from city to city to find his ever after. I met him by chance. I met him by default. A chance... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want To Write Anymore

And why does it feel like I’ve been set out to give my heart out to people who just wreck it? I have never lost the enthusiasm in finding. I heal the wounds and stitch the torn pieces and glue what has been shattered and I eventually pin it once more on the hemlines of... Continue Reading →

Our Accident

You and I, well, we're a little more complicated than the usual boy meets girl kind of scenario. You are 7000 miles away from where I am and we don't even speak the same language. Your tongue barely knows the rhythm of the English language and same goes for me and mi Español. We met... Continue Reading →

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