Meant To Be

Night after night after night after night, I still recall every bit of your detail inside my mind like poetry, I am tasked to recite everyday. I recall your smell, the way you talked, the way you laughed, the way I would stare at your skin-- memorising every bit of blemish and pore. I would... Continue Reading →


Wine Thoughts

I am an alcoholic. I know that. I am chugging down my 4th bottle of wine as I type this essay about how wrong it is to be one. And while I know that this is rather ironic, I cannot help but ponder as to why I resort to alcohol every now and then. Is... Continue Reading →

Love’s Favourite

In a classroom where love is teaches– why am I love's favourite? I am that student who never fails to fail, to falter, to bend and to break. Why am I love's favourite to hate? When I have given all that I can give. My time, my self, my art, my soul, and yet I... Continue Reading →

The Least Favoured Child

It's depressing. I won't even try to sugarcoat everything. Growing up with a lot of siblings can be fun but it can be the most depressing thing as well. I have neve really delved in further in this topic as I find it rather pointless but since I have already begun typing, I might as... Continue Reading →


Back when I was younger, I would often just plunge in to the arms of the next guy who'd win my heart. I would fall in love with him. I would love him I would believe in him. I would believe in us. The colors will always be radiant. The world alive. I would fill... Continue Reading →

When We Meet

When we meet, I would probably cry. Cry because I cannot understand anything that's going on inside my soul. You would laugh at me and you would hold me like my body belonged inside your arms. And I will try to conceal the tears but you know I can't for you have tallied every single... Continue Reading →

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